I Can’t Thank Them Enough

Tiki at Senior Medicaid Solutions made all the right moves to facilitate initial steps in the filing of my mother’s Medicaid application, including a meeting with us at the nursing home. Candy, my mother’s case worker at Senior Medciaid Solutions, ran the Gauntlet with the Department of Children and Families and has always been available for follow up help before and after Medicaid approval was received. Senior Medicaid Solutions simplified a complex process and took care of the details. I Can’t thank them enough.

Valuable Assistance Found at a Distance

Living out of state I was unfamiliar with the Florida Medicaid process and how to help my mother most effectively. The process seemed very daunting let alone very confusing with everything else I was going through with my mother, until I found out about Senior Medicaid Solutions. The staff at Senior Medicaid Solutions put all of my worries and concerns at ease. Within a short time the staff worked with me to expedite the filing process and gain successful approval of my mother’s Medicaid benefits. Senior Medicaid Solutions continued to stay true to their word and assist me with any questions or concerns following the approval of my mother’s case at no additional charge. I can say proudly that Senior Medicaid Solutions made a huge difference in not only my mother’s life but mine as well.

Comforted Client

John MacGloan and Senior Medicaid Solutions assisted with both my mother and father with Medicaid filing. The entire process was unknown to myself and family members, however Senior Medicaid Solutions was able to answer any and all questions quickly and effectively. They took great care and consideration with both of my parent’s cases. In fact, the staff at Senior Medicaid Solutions went above and beyond in assuring me everything would be fine, which was true indeed. I’m so thankful that I found quality assistance in my parent’s time of need.